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Atılım University

Since its establishment in 1996 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, Atılım University primarily aims to become a prominent and leading research institution. Atılım University has 40 Departments, 5 Schools, 2 Vocational Schools and 2 Graduate Schools. In most of the departments, the medium of instruction is English. 

Atılım University ranks among the top 500 universities in 2016-2017 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings and among top 4 universities in Turkey.

Atılım University is located on 250 acres of land in İncek, one of the fastest and the most recent developing residential areas of Ankara, 20 km from the City Centre and 7 km from the highway. The campus is composed of the library, faculty buildings, laboratories, conference halls, indoor and outdoor sports areas, cafeterias and restaurants.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary in 2015-2016 academic year, Atılım University is one of the oldest foundation (private and non-profit) universities in Turkey. It offers high quality education at European Standards (Bologna Process). Atılım University has the 4th biggest library in Ankara with respect to space. It offers globally recognized degrees and diplomas.

The Medium of Instruction

The language of instruction is English in most of the departments and programs.


Atılım University promotes internationalization both in education and in campus life. It offers exchange experiences in EU or in other parts of the World. In 2015-2016 academic year, the total number of international degree students is over 500. More than half of this number is graduate students. International students are from more than 40 different countries all over the world. The University employs internationally experienced and renowned staff. It offers vast opportunities for internship abroad and long term exchange experiences with the EU and other countries from different parts of the world.

Research and Technology Opportunities

Atılım University is a research university with 127 state of the art laboratories and a unique Metal Forming Center of Excellence (MFCE) which is one of the 5 comparable centers all over the world.

The Technology Development Center (TEKMER), the Aerodrome Project in Esenboğa International Airport in cooperation with the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), the Scientific Research Projects (BAP) as the research support program offering funds for scholars, the Research Laboratory Projects (ALP) as the program offering funds to establish new laboratories and to turn them into prospective research and the Undergraduate Research Project (LAP) as the research support program offering funds for undergraduate students are among the research and technology opportunities offered at Atılım University.