Good News! Final Deadline For Registration: October 18, 2019. Final APEX Date: October 22, 2019

Due to problems faced during visa process and equivlaence of high school diploma process, Atılım University extended the registrations for undergraduate programs till October 18. 2019. There will be a final Atılım University Proficiency Examination (APEX) on October 22, 2019. In order to enter this examination, all prospective students sholud complete their registration process till October 18, 2019.


The undergraduate students who failed in APEX on October 22, 2019 can start attending English preparatory school after November 18, 2019. The students who will start English preparatory school on November 18, 2019 can only study one level English in this Fall 2019/2020.

The students who will start A level can enter APEX at the end of semester if they fulfill the requirements of English preparatory school.

The students who start English preparatory school at D level, can attend the A level summer school on 2020 without paying any tuition fee if they succeed in all levels of English preparatory school.

The students who passed APEX on October 22, can start their courses at their departments.

Required Documents For Registration

  • High School Diploma (Original)
  • Equivalency Document of High School Diploma
  • Passport (Original)
  • Health Report (School of Civil Aviation Students – All departments)
  • 6 photos