Applications Are Open for the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program for Students for the Summer of 2022!

Dear Students,


Applications Are Open for the Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program for Students for the Summer of 2022!


  • Who may apply?

Students should meet the minimum requirements below to participate in the program:

1. Applicants should be full time students who are registered in a higher education program at one of the formal education levels (One, Two, or Three, see below).

Please note: Level One indicates associate and undergraduate degree programs. Level Two indicates graduate degree programs. Level Three indicates doctorate degree, and Medical Specialty programs.

2. a-) The CGPA of Level One students should be minimum 2.20/4.00.

b-) Applicants from Level Two and Level Three programs should exhibit an academic CGPA of at least 2.50/4.00.

3. If applicants have previously benefited from such educational activities at their current educational level, the total duration of the activity must not exceed 12 months including the new activity.

4. Students in all grades may participate in internship activities throughout their period of study. In addition, the senior students of educational programs may participate in the program within 12 months following their graduation. However, students must apply for internship before their graduation while they are still registered students (in any associate, undergraduate, and graduate degree program), if they intend to perform their internship studies after graduation. Graduated students may not apply. Internship mobility must be completed within 12 months following their date of graduation. The sum of mobility periods for internship after graduation and mobility before graduation at the same level may not exceed 12 months.


  • Where to apply

Applications are to be delivered to the Erasmus Office in person.


  • Erasmus English Language Exam:

Date: 3/11/2022.

Time: 9:30 AM

Place: Graduate School of Foreign Languages

  • Required Documentation

• Transcript

• Letter of Acceptance from the place of internship (to be delivered to the Erasmus Office in person by Tuesday, May 31, 2022 Applicants will be granted +10 points if they present a letter of acceptance at the time of application. Application dates are below.)


  • Evaluation

• Academic Achievement Level: 50% | • Foreign language level: 50%


  • Monthly Grants

Student Tuition and Internship Grants


Country Groups

Hosting Countries

Monthly Grants


(in Euros)

Program Countries in Groups 1 and 2:

United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, French, Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece.


Program Countries in Group 3:

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.



Please note: Students have the option to opt out of these grants.





  • Selection Criteria:



Academic success:

50% (100 points total)

Language proficiency:

50% (100 points total)

For the children of martyrs and veterans:

+15 points

For students with disabilities (proof required)

+10 points

For students subject to protection, care, or accommodation within the scope of Social Services Law no. 2828.

+10 points

Presentation of a Letter of Acceptance from the place of internship during application:

+10 points

Previous participation (with or without grants)

-10 points

Participation in mobility programs in their country of citizenship

-10 points

Failure to participate without the presentation of a waiver notice

-10 points

Simultaneous application to two mobility programs (deductions will be made from the points for the program preferred by such students)

-10 points

For students selected for participation: Failure to participate in meetings/ training sessions by the Higher Education Council without a just cause (to take effect in the next application by the student)

-5 points

Failure to take the language exam after having declared otherwise (to take effect in the next application by the student)

-5 points




Application Dates:

Starting Date: 21.02.2022

Ending Date: 08.03.2022


Erasmus+ Orientation Meeting:

Date: 02.03.2022

Time: 14:00

Zoom Connection Link: 


For more information, please contact the Atılım University Directorate of Erasmus.


Phone: 0312 586 82 69