School of Arts and Sciences

English Language and Literature (Eng)
Mathematics (Eng)
Psychology (Eng)
Translation and Interpretation (Eng)

School of Fine Arts Design and Architecture

Architecture (Tr)
Fashion and Textile Design (Tr)
Graphic Design (Tr)
Industrial Product Design (Tr)
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Tr)

School of Law

Law (Tr)

School of Business Administration

Economics (Eng)
Economics (Tr)
International Relations (Eng)
International Trade and Logistics (Eng)
Business Administration (Eng)
Business Administration (Tr)
Political Science and Public Administration (Tr)
Finance (Tr)
Public Relations and Advertising (Eng)
Tourism Management (Eng)

School of Engineering

Automotive Engineering (Eng)
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (Eng)
Civil Engineering (Eng)
Computer Engineering (Eng)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Eng)
Energy Systems Engineering (Eng)
Industrial Engineering (Eng)
Information Systems Engineering (Eng)
Manufacturing Engineering (Eng)
Mechatronics Engineering (Eng)
Mechanical Engineering (Eng)
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Eng)
Software Engineering (Eng)

School of Health Sciences

School of Civil Aviation

Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance (Eng)
Aviation Management (Eng)
Avionics (Eng)
Pilot Training (Eng)



Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Graduate School of Social Sciences