International Student Experience

Master Student in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

A citizen of Egypt, Ahmet Eid is one of the international students of Atilim University making our country proud in international rankings and taking firm steps toward becoming a world university with international students from all around the world.

Ahmed Eid was born in 1991 in Saudi Arabia and is a citizen of Egypt. After graduating from International American High School and the School of Pharmacy, Mansoura University which is one of the most prestigious universities in Egypt, Ahmed Eid applied Turkish, German and Russian universities for master education and preferred Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Master Program of Atilim University. He indicates that Atilim University drew his attention while he was searching for universities on the net and decided to study in our country knowing that Turkey is a hospitable and beautiful country. Ahmed Eid stated that he has learned a lot from his instructors Belgin İşgör PhD, Yasemin İşgör PhD, Murat Kaya PhD and Seha Tirkeş PhD and the Directorate of International Relations helped him solve his problems. He is both a successful student at Atilim University and working as a part-time interpreter in an international organization in Ankara. At the same time, he is studying on his master thesis. Besides his mother tongue Arabic and English as the language of instruction at Atilim University, Ahmet can speak German, Turkish and French. In the Spring Term of 2016-2017, he studied Chemistry in Germany with Erasmus Exchange Program. He is planning to apply chemistry PhD programs after receiving master degree. He is currently working on a TUBITAK project and will publish his first scientific paper within 4 months.

• Undergraduate Student in the School of Business | 23 years old •

Chris was born in Vienna in 1993 and lived in Netherlands and Bulgaria besides Austria. He decided to study at Atilim University at the recommendation when they came to Turkey because of his father’s appointment in 2013. Chris is also taking journalism course and conducting a study on the distribution of international students by countries. He was a registered player in basketball team of his high school in Bulgaria. He is planning to found a company on the recycling of old vehicles in Bulgaria, after completing his compulsory military service in Austria for 6 months. He speaks English and German besides Bulgarian. He also knows Russian, Spanish, French and Dutch. Chris says that international students make good friendships with Turkish students and this makes him happy.

• Undergraduate Student in Software Engineering •
When I was accepted by the university that I preferred, I thought I will overcome all the concerns in my head about the expectations, goals and achievements. In fact, I realized that this was just a beginning and I had to study harder. A member of my family gave me the advice that I always remember: "We reach the most favorable knowledge through science and science makes us strong”. I was born in Illinois, United States in 1992. Before Atilim University, I studies with Roger Knowles PhD and Minjoon Kouh PhD in anatomy, biochemistry and neurobiology laboratories when I was a student in the Department of Neuroscience and Computer at the University of Drew in USA. I am also interested in basketball, fencing, baseball and rugby. I had to take a break in sports, as I sprained my ankle but I want to continue. I could not imagine that studying Software Engineering is so entertaining. Even if courses and exams may sometimes be harder than students’ expectations, I think our instructors aim to educate us better by forcing us. The campus environment and Atilim family have embraced me well since I came to Atilim University. I am really happy to be a member of this family.

• Master Student of Software Engineering •

One of our international students coming from Eritrea, Yasmin Tesfaldet Gebreyesus was born in Asmara. She was graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering, Eritrea Institute of Technology in Eritrea located in Northeast Africa.

The study on face recognition techniques conducted by her undergraduate thesis group ranked in the top three in the technology contest organized by Eritrea National Youth Organization. Before coming to Turkey, Yasmin Tesfaldet Gebreyesus worked in various software projects in public and private institutions for 3 years.

After being granted a scholarship by Turkey Scholarship, she preferred Atilim University and was admitted to the Software Engineering Thesis Master Program. She has been in Turkey since August 2015. He attended a Turkish course for 9 months and learned our language very well as a bursar of the program.

Starting her master studies in September 2016, Yasmin passed all of her courses with full marks and wishes to sustain her success while writing her master thesis. With her thesis advisor, Yasmin is working on “Processing Social Media Streaming Data Using Big Data Frameworks”.

The opinions of Yasmin about Turkey, Ankara and Atilim University:

“I love Turkey very much, especially Ankara”. It was difficulty to adapt myself as I had come from a small country. But people are very sincere and helpful so it became easy for me to live here.

I met a number of friends at the University and we help each other all the time.

Our instructors are quite skilled and hardworking. Therefore, I am happy to study at Atilim".

• Undergraduate Student of Interior Architecture •

I am from Libya and studying as a freshman in the Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Atilim University. My adventures in Ankara started in the Faculty of Medicine, Hacettepe University 4 years ago.

When I realized that I am interested in and fond of the field of interior design, I quit medical education and started searching for good educational opportunities in this field. I visited the campus at the recommendation of a friend of mine at Atilim University and became reconciled to the university. When I see the environment at the University and contacted with the instructors, students and other members of Atilim Family, everything became clearer and I preferred Atilim University. I am very happy with my preference.

I could not speak any word of Turkish when I came to Turkey; however, I did not encounter with any difficulty thanks to the help and support of the people here. Turkish is a very rich and difficult language and it was quite hard and tiring to learn. I really enjoy speaking Turkish now.

I have been to different countries as my father is working in the Embassy of Libya and I felt out of things in many of them. I may give China as an example. China is a very beautiful country with an interesting culture. However, I could not get used to their lifestyle easily. The totally different culture and lifestyle in China made me feel out of the things despite the all positive aspects of the country.

But I never felt like that in Turkey because Turkish culture is quite close to mine. The similarity of Turkish culture and warm attitudes of Turkish people helped me get used to the country.

Living in here brought me new habits, especially eating habits. Turkish cuisine is my favorite part of Turkish culture. Turkish food has authentic and different taste; for example, kunafah! Although I was not drinking tea before coming to Turkey, now drinking tea while chatting with friends became one of the activities that makes me happy most.

I like dancing from of old and I attend a tango course in my spare time here. By this means, I both have a good time and relieve myself from stress.

I am very happy to be in Turkey and I see that I made a very good decision by preferring Atilim University as I spend time here.

• Freshman Student of International Relations •

I was born in London, England on 19 February 1999. My mother is Irish and father is Turkish. I spent a couple of years of my childhood in London till we suddenly moved to Ankara in order to make a new life in Turkey in 2003.

In the beginning, it was a frightening experience for me to enter a totally new environment all of a sudden. But I got oriented with my new life here. I started my education in the Primary School of the Embassy of England which gives education in English and according to English curriculum. I went to English for my secondary school education in 2011 and returned to Turkey to complete GCSE and Level A in the Working Group of the Embassy of Pakistan in 2014.

English is my mother tongue that I mostly speak at the University and home. I have not received formal Turkish education in Turkey but I can understand more or less in my conversations with other students and my relatives. My speaking level in Turkish is still below a certain level in terms of academic perspective. I hope my friends at Atilim University become understanding and patient with me until I improve my speaking skills and I can help them with English in return.

I decided to study International Relations due to my deep interest in history, politics and current events. I searched the universities in Ankara of which medium of instruction is English. I spoke with the academicians of three universities and applied all of them. I was accepted by all these universities and accepted Atilim University.

I am happy with choosing Atilim University among others. I am proud of being an international student at Atilim University and cannot imagine myself at another place.

All of my instructors sustained their professional attitudes while instilling discipline in the courses, thus I felt myself in safe hands at Atilim. I totally believe that they will give us high quality education. I already started making friends and looking forward to meeting more students.

I feel at home in Ankara as if I am in London. I want to continue exploring the world and experiencing different cultures in the future.

I was born in Kirkuk, Iraq on 17 January 1991. Kirkuk hosts people with quite different lifestyles and offers a range of culture. Therefore, I found the opportunity to learn 3 different languages until I was 12 and now I can speak 6 languages.

I am a Master Candidate in English Language and Literature and writing English novels and short stories at the same time. Currently, I am working on my first novel “The Twelve Camellias of Bloom”. The novel has not been published yet but you may review a short version of the book on if you are interested.

Besides these, I was a volunteer in Kokar when I was living in Kirkuk.I took part in a number of projects for cancer patients. At the end, we managed to make the children smile and raise donation to help them. In fact, I am a photographer. It is my real hobby. I like taking the pictures of the beauties laying under my eyes and editing them in an even more beautiful way that other people may see and like.

In addition, I taught English to people of all ages in Iraq and made them enjoy learning English.

As a person of Turkmen origin, I have deep interest in Turkish culture. I visited Turkey several times but most of them was usually limited with Istanbul. This is the first time I came Ankara. I was shocked by the beauty of the city when I discovered it. Moreover, who could know that the sweetest people of the world live in Ankara? I have always encountered with nice things in Ankara so far. I feel at peace and home not homesick.

I came here for English Language and Literature Master Program. Atilim University was my first preference and they received me with open arms when I wanted to register. I chose Atilim University to guide me to knowledge and I was sure that Atilim is the university which will help me climb up in academic field. I realized that I was not wrong. The academic staff are very knowledgeable and have a good grasp of their field. I have learned many new things that I can use in my stories within a few months. I am looking forward to discover what I will learn next.

As soon as my books are published, I will translate them into Turkish and let my amiable Turkish family read them. I will even sign them for the students of Atilim University!