Joint Master Degree Program


EMJMD supports participation of high-level scholars/guest lecturers to increase the course attractiveness. If you hold an outstanding academic and/or professional profile, you can be involved in an EMJMD.

Scholars and guest lecturers can come from both Programme and Partner Countries and their involvement should bring added value to an EMJMD student intake in terms of student-centred teaching/lecturing, research activities, Master thesis support, academic/professional networking, etc.


The minimum duration per engagement of an EMJMD scholar is 4 to 7 consecutive calendar days (= one week). It is not possible to consider 8 consecutive days as 2 weeks. Days of scholar work may include travelling time.


Scholars and guest lecturers can come from the partners of the EMJMD as well as from outside the consortium.

Financial support

Scholars and guest lecturers cannot benefit from other EU funding scheme while participating in an EMJMD.

How to apply

Scholars and guest lecturers may contact directly the EMJMD consortia to express their interest.

Find out more

Contact the international office of your higher education institution of the EMJMD consortia to find out what opportunities are available to you.