Student Reference Model

Dear International Students,

As the International Relations Directorate of Atılım University, we would like to share a student recruitment model which has recently been launched. The model aims to lay a bridge between our registered international students and prospective international students. The details of the model are as follows:

General Information on Student Reference Model

  1. Prospective international student who wants to apply to our university with the reference of a student who is actively enrolled, when making the application in the online application system on our website, "How did you hear about us?" In the question, select "Reference of an existing Atılım University student" and enter the student number of the active Atılım University student in the field to be opened.
  2. Only Atılım University students in active registered student status can benefit from this model.
  3. The prospective international students who have been accepted for a program at our university within the last two years cannot apply for student reference model.
  4. For each prospective student who applies and registers to our University through reference, our registered (reference) student will be granted a tuition fee discount for once only in the academic semester following the registration of the new incoming student.
  5. Our current students receive a discount of the tuition fee paid by each student referred during their studies by them for that semester at rates presented in the table below, off the tuition fee that they themselves are to pay in the next semester.


Discount Rate(%)

Bachelor (Except for Medical School)


Medical School






Student Reference Model Principles

  1. The international prospective student who intends to apply to our University with the reference of a Atılım University student must write the student number of the reference student in the relevant field of the international student online application form available at our website. There is a "student reference number" section in the application field of the online application form. In this section, the student number of the student who is currently registered as a reference to the candidate student should be entered.
  2. If the prospective international student is accepted to the University, s/he shall apply to the Directorate of International Relations along with all necessary documents for registration. The reference student whose Atılım University student number is written in the application form must be present during the registration procedure.
  3. On the registration date of the new international student, the reference student must submit the copy of the student ID of the new student and the approval form issued by the Accounting Department to the Directorate of International Relations.
  4. The calculation of the discount in tuition fee shall be finalized with the resolution of Scholarship and Acceptance Evaluation Committee after the registration date of new student. The reference applications will be submitted to the committee for approval during the academic term. The Accounting Department shall apply the discount depending on the resolution of the committee for the next semester.
  5. The students who are graduated or have no financial liability during set-off procedures, cannot not benefit from the reference model.
  6. If the discount amount of the reference student is higher than her/his financial liabilities, her/his debt will be deleted and s/he will not be refunded in any way.
  7. If the new international student has received a scholarship, the discount amount shall be calculated according to the percentage of scholarship.
  8. Students may be a reference to a student from another country. In other words, reference student and prospective student do not have to be of the same country.

Note: Discounts shall not be applied to the students who do not complete necessary transactions and do not comply with general information on the model and the conditions stipulated in abovementioned principles with regard to the implementation of the model.

You may consult with the Directorate of International Relations for further information.