(Senate Resolution dated 22.08.2023 no. 10) 

(Senate Resolution dated 09.10.2018 no. 11)

(Senate Resolution dated 21.03.2017 no. 04)







Purpose, Scope Basis and Definitions


ARTICLE 1-(1) The purpose of this Directive is to determine the principles and procedures for the admission of international students to the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree programs of Atılım University.



ARTICLE 2-(1) This Directive covers the principles and procedures for the admission of international students to the University.



ARTICLE 3-(1) Article 14 of Law on Higher Education no. 2547 constitutes the basis for this Directive.


Definitions ARTICLE 4-(1)

TRNC: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus;

ÖSYM: Assessment, Selection and Placement Center;

Program: Associate, Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma Programs;

President: The President of Atılım University;

Senate: The Atılım University Senate;

RT: The Republic of Türkiye,

University: Atılım University








Application Conditions, Exams, Quotas


Application Conditions

ARTICLE 5-(1) The students who are graduates of high schools equivalent to Turkish high schools and comply with the conditions below may apply to to the Directorate of International Relations within application dates.

  1. Foreign nationals,
  2. Turkish citizens by birth who have later received permission to declare alienage from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and those having provided evidence of ownership of a document on the Usage of the Rights under the Turkish Nationality Law for their underage children registered on their declaration of alienage document;
  3. Individuals who were foreign nationals and became Turkish citizens through the citizenship acquired later / dual nationals in this situation,

ç ) Among Turkish nationals having attended secondary education abroad before 01/02/2013, those who completed the last three years of their secondary education (high school):  in a foreign country other than TRNC

(including those having completed their entire secondary education (high school) at Turkish schools opened by the Ministry of Education in foreign countries other than TRNC);

  1. For the international admission quotas open for individuals having started secondary education abroad after 01/02/2013, individuals having completed their entire secondary education (high school) in a foreign country other than TRNC (including those having completed their entire secondary education (high school) at Turkish schools opened by the Ministry of Education in foreign countries other than TRNC),
  2. TRNC nationals residing in TRNC, having completed their secondary education (high school) in TRNC and have GCEAL exam results, and those who have or will have GCEAL exam results through enrolling and receiving education at colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005-2010.


Invalid Applications

ARTICLE 6-(1) Applications of the students involved in below listed conditions shall not be accepted.

  1.  Those who hold the Turkish citizenship, or the TRNC citizenship, or dual citizenships one of which is the Turkish or TRNC citizenship (except those having completed their entire high school education in a foreign country other than TRNC)
  2. Among those who renounced their Turkish or TRNC citizenship while holding dual citizenships, those who completed their entire high school education in Türkiye or TRNC,
  3.  citizens having completed their high school education in TRNC,

ç) Those having been expelled from a higher education institution in Türkiye due to disciplinary offenses,

  1. Turkish or TRNC nationals, or dual nationals the primary nationality of whom is Turkish, having completed their secondary education at schools within the embassies and foreign high schools in Türkiye.


Documents required for application

ARTICLE 7-(1) Students are required to submit the electronic copies of the documents below through the online application forms on the Directorate of International Relations website, in full. All documents must be certified copies. Documents not bearing original seals and signatures shall be rejected. In addition, all documents must be in Turkish or English.

  1. Certified copy of high school diploma or equivalent for undergraduate programs, certified copy of bachelor’s diploma for master’s programs, certified copies of master’s and bachelor’s diplomas for doctoral programs (documents can be certified by notary or Turkish embassies abroad, Candidates not having received a diploma must submit an official document indicating the date of graduation)
  2. Certified and official transcript including high school courses and grades. If the transcript is not issued in Turkish or English, its certified and notarized translation into these languages must be submitted.
  3. An original or authenticated copy of the document proving the graduation grades of minimum 50/100 for undergraduate degree program applicants.

ç) Documentation to prove that student has passed the interview where necessary,

  1. Additional documents that may be requested by departments such as exam results and reference letters for graduate and doctorate degree programs.
  2. Passport copies,
  3. The results of one of the national or international exams provided below, if available.
    • National Exams:      Exams held in their own countries of international students to place students in higher education institutions.
    • International Exams: International exams recognized by the Higher Education Council.


Registration documents and conditions

ARTICLE 8-(1) Students meeting any of the conditions specified in Paragraphs a, b, c of Article 5 are registered in the University on the condition that they submit the required documents in full. For application purposes, students are required to provide:

  1. Original or authenticated copies of the documents specified in the Article 7,


b) (Senate Resolution dated 22.08.2023 no. 10) An “Equivalence Certificate” to be obtained from the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Türkiye, showing that the high school diploma holder in question has graduated from a school equivalent to a Turkish High School, or an Apostille for graduates; or a document proving that the individual in question is to receive a diploma approved by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy, in cases where an Apostille is unavailable  (An “Equivalence Certificate” from the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Türkiye is a requirement for Turkish nationals)


c) (Senate Resolution dated 22.08.2023 no. 10) A recognition certificate for the undergraduate and graduate diplomas approved by the Higher Education Council (an Equivalence Certificate for programs involving clinical practice courses)


ç) Students who are to register to Atılım University programs in English are required to document that they meet the conditions of Articles 10 and 11 during registration. Students unable to submit their English proficiency certificates specified in Article 11 register to the English Preparatory School. Preparatory School students may not take courses of their major.

  1. However, students who are to register to Atılım University programs in Turkish are required to document that they meet the conditions of Paragraph 3 of Article 10 during registration.   Students unable to document accordingly may not register to any program.



ARTICLE 9-(1) The University allocates quotas for international students on a department basis and submits the proposal to the Higher Education Council. Quotas approved by the Council are announced by the University. Students are registered on the basis of these quotas. Incomplete or empty quotas are added to other departments’ quotas upon the approval of the Higher Education Council.







Language of Instruction, Proficiency Exam Results, Finalization of Applications  

Validity of Exam Results

Language of instruction
ARTICLE 10-(1)

Students who fail the English Proficiency Exam held for English medium departments of the University are registered in the Preparatory School.

  1. Students who submit a valid and recognized certificate of proficiency are exempted from the Preparatory School.
  2. Some departments offer education in Turkish. Students applying to programs in Turkish are required to present a TÖMER document showing that they score at least C1 regarding their proficiency in Turkish.


Proficiency Exams

ARTICLE 11-(1) The names and required minimum scores of the proficiency examinations which are accepted by Atılım University for Associate, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate Degree Programs are as follows. (YDS, CPE, CAE, TOEFL IBT, PTE Academic, IELTS)


Examination Types






TOEFL IBT, Essay: Minimum 20
















PTE Academic




IELTS (Minimum 5.5 for each section)





Finalizing applications and registration ARTICLE 12 -

  1. Atılım University is exclusively authorized to evaluate applications, admit and register students. Meeting the application criteria does not guarantee admission.
  1. Applications are evaluated by relevant School/ Graduate School and the Department of International Relations, and the University sends a “Letter of Acceptance” to admitted students. Students must apply with this letter to an Embassy of Türkiye in their country or the nearest one to obtain a “Student Visa”. Students who do not have the visa may not register at the University.
  2. For application purposes, students are required to provide: The documents listed in the Article 7, with the tuition fee for the first semester paid in full in full before the registration procedures. Students not meeting this condition may not register.
  3. All kinds of documents mandated by the institutions of the Turkish state are required to be presented by the students at registration.
  4. Prospective students may be requested to document that they have adequate amount of financial assurance in their bank account to cover the 4-year tuition fee and other expenses.


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions


Validity period of exams

ARTICLE 13-(1) Validity of proficiency exams are subject to the principles set by the Higher Education Council.


Cases not included in the Directive

ARTICLE 14-(1) The provisions of the Law and Regulations on International Students Studying in Türkiye, the admission principles for international students as stipulated by the Higher Education Council, Atılım University Regulations on Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Education, as well as other relevant legislations and Senate resolutions shall apply in cases not included in this Directive.



ARTICLE 15-(1) Applications of those who misstate to or mislead the University administration with any action or transaction shall be rejected. If they are already registered, their registration shall be annulled.


Repealed directive;

ARTICLE 16–(1) Atılım University Directive on the Principles and Procedures of International Student Admission which entered into effect with Senate Resolution dated 09.10.2018 no.2 has been repealed.


Effective Date

ARTICLE 17 –(1)This Directive shall take effect after it is approved by the Senate.


ARTICLE 18- (1) This Directive is executed by the President of Atılım University.