Associate Programs

Please note that YÖS results are not required and not accepted in the admission and registration processes for international students, regardless of the university holding the examination.


  • Applications are free. 
  • Applications are received through the online application system. Online application sysyem link: 
  • We send your documents to the related department for evaluation. Evaluation may take 2 weeks.
  • After the evaluation report comes to the International Student Resources Department, committee decision will be required for the final result. The committee, which gathers weekly, approves or rejects candidates’ admission. After the committee gathers, all candidates are informed about the results.
  • The committee decision is conditional, it is valid only if the candidate pays deposit for acceptance letter. In case of deposit payment (just visa refusal) ; 200 Dollars will be considered as a processing fee and will not be refunded. Conditional acceptance letter is valid for 15 days. Deposit payment will be deducted from total payment.
  • Deposit payment will be charged as a tuition fee per semester for undergraduate programs

We wish success to the prospective international students during their application process.

Please visit the International Office at Incek Campus with the following documents:



  • Original copy or photocopy of the acceptance letter
  • Original passport and photocopy of the passport (Original passport shall be checked and returned to students)
  • Photographs      
  • Original diplomas, transcripts and their certified translations into Turkish or English.
  • Original copies of equivalency certificates, if available (High School Equivalency Certificate shall be obtained from the Ministry of National Education by the candidates who are accepted to undergraduate programs)
  • Original copy of the internationally recognized English Proficiency Certificates for the candidates accepted to programs that require English language proficiency (To be certified by Atilim University School of Foreign Languages).
  • Original copy of the Turkish Proficiency Certificate for the candidates accepted to the programs that require Turkish language proficiency.
  • Copies of all bank receipts for deposit payments and the first installment of the tuition fee required for registration along with the signed and stamped Tuition Fee Payment Approval Form from the Directorate of Financial Affairs.