Modern Languages Education Plan Rearranged announcement dated 23.03.2020

Due to country-wide precautions against the Coronavirus outbreak, in order to prevent any interruption in education, as well as avoid any unjust treatment towards you as our dear students, the English courses offered by the Department of Modern Languages at the School of Foreign Languages, their practice courses and assessments are to progress remotely.

Starting from March 25th, 2020, your courses are to proceed remotely over Moodle, instead of face-to-face courses at the campus. You will need your Atılım e-mail accounts and passwords to access Moodle via to access your courses coded ENG. You may only register to the Moodle system using your Atılım e-mail accounts. If you are already registered on Moodle, you may follow your courses by clicking your course code via the “My Courses” tab on the Moodle platform which will take you to the “DISTANCE LEARNING 2019-2020” page for your ENG course. For example, if you are taking ENG122 in the Spring of 2019-2020, you may log into Moodle, click the “My Courses” tab and reach the home page for your course titled “ENG122 Distance Learning 2019-2020”.

Your remote courses are to proceed weekly as a 1-hour video presentation, and a 1-hour live Q&A session to be prepared by the instructors from the DML. In this regard, you are expected to join the Q&A sessions of that particular week after you watch a weekly course presentation video. Online live Q&A sessions are to be conducted by the instructor assigned to your section. You may find the timetables for each section on the document accessible through Moodle. Students may only join the “LIVE Q&A SESSION” of the course and the section where they are registered.

Further details will be shared via Moodle. Therefore, we kindly suggest that you follow Moodle, and your department web page at

Department of Modern Languages