Distance education announcement dated 23.03.2020

Dear Students,

Our country and our world are witnessing a period quite extraordinary. First of all, I would like to wish you, your family and your friends a healthy day.

As you are aware, education at universities is experiencing an interruption due to the corona virus pandemic. Universities are starting to offer distance education for the time being as per the resolution by the Higher Education Council. As Atılım University, we are working intensively in this matter.

In this scope, as well as mandatory and elective courses, the theoretical portions of practice courses at all levels are available to you through the Moodle system. To gain access, you will need to log into using the e-mail address provided by our University, and your password. A considerable portion of the courses of Spring are now available on Moodle. Our efforts to make the remaining courses available are continuing. In the event of problems regarding course access, you may e-mail the Dean/ Director of the relevant department to inform them accordingly.

For the time being, practice courses will not be offered. A decision will be taken on whether these courses will be within the scope of distance education activities, or within the framework of compact education in the light of the updates. We will keep you updated.

For the time being, no exams are to be administered remotely. Your midterm and final exams are to be administered once education activities resume at the university.

Level results for the Basic English Department (Preparatory School) have been determined taking into account the first exams, homework, quizzes and attendance. Level results are to be announced on March 24th. The new levels and sections are to be determined within the next two weeks and after the necessary preparations, the fourth quarter of the preparatory English course shall begin on April 13th.

ENG122, 222 and 322, courses offered by the Department of Modern Languages, are now available on Moodle for the students taking the class from all departments. Our efforts continue to upload the ENG102, 202 and 302 courses onto Moodle. We will keep you updated.

Live courses are to be offered for some of our courses, primarily those offered by the Departments of Basic English, and Modern Languages. You may follow the updates on this matter on the Moodle page of the relevant course.

Returning students within the scope of the Erasmus program may contact their advisors to determine the classes they wish to take. They will be registered to the courses of their choice, and given access to distance education.

Our message to you is “Stay home, stay healthy.” We kindly suggest that you follow the official accounts of our university, and do not go out unless you absolutely must.

We hope that you will continue your education remotely, and with the same encouragement, for the time being. We hope to see you soon at our campus.

Best regards.


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